Some Beery Ramblings

POSTED ON 18th, May, 2018

These Beery Ramblings will meander through the mysteries of hops, barley and yeast, who makes our cask ale and the gloriously idiosyncratic British pub. First, we take a glimpse at the fascinating history of the tipple that has, over the years, rather lost out to wine in the image stakes. Beer has been with us since around 8000BC, when grain was cultivated in the Middle...


Rebuilding the bench

POSTED ON 4th, May, 2018

Anthony Thompson, known by us as Tommo, is our general maintenance man and a master carpenter. As you will see, the bench around the Waterloo Oak has been repaired and expanded and this work was done by Tommo. After it was hit by the tractor last year the loose pieces, which were left lying around, were gathered up by Geraint Jones from the Parish Council...


Finally up and running

POSTED ON 25th, April, 2018

So we are finally up and running and I’m very pleased. The pub feels so good and we have not suffered from too many early day teething problems. On Saturday night we had our drinks party for the locals which I thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t suppose the whole village have been together in one place for a long time. I think everyone enjoyed themselves too....


The Swan Wine

POSTED ON 11th, April, 2018

I don't know who it was who said ‘life is too short to drink bad wine’ but I'd like to buy them a pint. Wine is important and getting the wine right in a pub, in fact in life generally, is worth the effort. House wines in a pub are especially a test of the quality and style of the place you are in. I...


How green is the Swan Garden?

POSTED ON 10th, April, 2018

The outside of the pub, or perhaps specifically the gardens, is all looking a little too new. There is no grass yet and the brown earth looks stark and uninviting. I'm told this will not last too long. I'm not a great gardener, but I live surrounded by them. My wife Beth is a very keen amateur gardener and a trustee of the Welsh Historic...


We have finally set an opening date – Monday 16th April 2018.

POSTED ON 10th, April, 2018

Before the official opening we’ll have a couple of test runs, a village drinks party on Saturday evening and the builders do on Sunday lunch. A pub needs the equivalent of sea trials before taking on passengers. We have some experienced staff but none of them have ever used our latest till system and of course the building and its layout is unfamiliar. Darren, the...


December 2017 Update

POSTED ON 19th, December, 2017

Twice sorry I need to make two apologies. One for not keeping this web thingy up to date and one for the delay in getting the Swan open. You must have been wondering what the hell’s been happening. First we were opening in September, then November and then January and now no news at all. To avoid further embarrassment I’ve decided it’s wiser not to...



POSTED ON 2nd, November, 2016

Why this website? I thought the good people of Marbury (and perhaps the bad ones as well) might be wondering what’s happening to the Swan so I’ve set up this little website to keep you informed. I’ll try and update it frequently as we proceed but no promises. Who’s bought the Swan? Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jerry Brunning and I’m...

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