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The boys of The Swan go in search of new brews at Indyman – and survive with scary tales of ‘Slush Puppy IPA’ and Sea Salt Cider Today we have a very different beer landscape from when the choice was bitter, best bitter or mild. Some might say that beery life was much simpler then; […]


I’m not quite sure what the natural turnover of the Swan should be. Although it is truly beautiful, I think one of my best, it is out in the middle of nowhere, in a sparsely populated patch, which is difficult to get to and circled by good competition. What I have never heard anyone say […]


I’ll take more time at a later date to give you some thoughts on what sort of food I think we should be providing in a country pub. It’s tricky and subjective and the possibilities are endless. Where we pitch greatly effects who comes into the pub and how often. I think we are just […]

Physical changes to the pub

Generally I think the pub looks good and I’m pleased with it. It will, of course, look much better in two years time when the garden has grown and the pub has weathered in. It is one of the major differences between private publicans and and publicly owned pub companies. The private companies’ key priority […]

Long live the local

I spend enough time drinking in pubs to notice trends and new quirks that landlords offer whether in the form of fabulous craft gins through to special vegetarian doggie treats for our four-legged friends.  One thing that I’ve noticed that is increasingly emerging across the ‘pubasphere’ is a call from locals and landlords alike to […]

Great British Beer Festival

Who’s for a beer in the UK’s biggest pub? Next week the redoubtable Great British Beer Festival arrives in London once again – a ‘beer lover’s paradise’. One of the best known events in the beer and cider world it brings together a thousand or so different beers from across the UK and abroad. It’s […]

How do you rate a pub?

You may not be surprised to hear that I love a good pub and there’s little that gives me as much pleasure as seeing an old and tired pub like The Swan in Marbury being returned to its former glory. However, having drunk in pubs for more than 30 years, one thing I have learned […]

The first 8 weeks

We’ve certainly had a roller coaster in our first couple of months. We’ve to make major alterations to our IT systems, we’ve started making physical changes to the pub itself, we’ve had to start the grass seeding all over again, we’ve evolved the menu,  and we’ve finally succumbed to participating in social media. Trading is […]


Let’s taste the nostalgia with a retro look at Pale Ale. Nostalgia is often tied in with tastes and smells. My own veers towards beer and my youthful days weaned on Massey’s Bitter in Burnley, drunk from ‘barrel glasses’. Founded in the Industrial Revolution, Massey’s was knitted into the fabric of the town. From earlier […]