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How green is the Swan Garden?

POSTED ON 10th, April, 2018

The outside of the pub, or perhaps specifically the gardens, is all looking a little too new. There is no grass yet and the brown earth looks stark and uninviting. I’m told this will not last too long.

I’m not a great gardener, but I live surrounded by them. My wife Beth is a very keen amateur gardener and a trustee of the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust, an august body that chaperones important Welsh gardens.

On top of this we have Michael Kemp a horticulturist and professional gardener from Kent who works with Beth and others and really knows his stuff. They are both friends with and close to Stephen Lacey, a Wrexham boy who writes the National Trust Books as well as being a gardening correspondent for The Telegraph.

The three of them move in the gardening world and I often find myself surrounded by people talking propagation. They have devised a plan for the Swan gardens and its execution is well underway. They tell me that in a few years the gardens will begin to look beautiful. In 10 years’ time they should be a treasure. In the meantime we have to be patient with bare earth the order of the day until, in a few months’ time, we start to get a haze of green grass growing.

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